Materials and biomaterials Science provides a unique forum for the discussion of novel processing, applications and theoretical studies of functional materials and biomaterials for (opto)electronics, sensors,   detectors, biotechnology and green energy. 

This journal encompasses insights into the chemistry, biology and materials science underpinning (bio) materials research, new concepts in biomaterials design, and using materials to answer fundamental questions.

Each issue will aim to provide a snapshot of current insights, new achievements, breakthroughs and future trends in such diverse fields as microelectronics, energy conversion and storage, biologically inspired and biomimetic materials, communications, polymer materials, biotechnology, biomaterials tools and methods, (photo)catalysis, nano and thin-film technology, hybrid and composite materials, chemical processing,  vapor-phase deposition, device fabrication, and modelling, which are the backbone of advanced materials  processing and applications. 

Materials and biomaterials Science offers authors rigorous peer review, rapid publication, and maximum visibility. The journal will provide very rapid evaluation to prevent publication delays. 

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