Detection of toxic heavy metals in the water of Chott Ain el Beida (bowl of 0uargla, South-east of Algeria)

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Noura Chaouch Samir Birech Ismail Messaoudi


The bowl of Ouargla has several wetlands of international importance including the chott of Ain El Beida. The site is characterized by an important fauna and flora whose protection constitutes currently a major national concern. The chott has served as an outlet for all wastewater and drainage water from the bowl in order to avoiding its engorgement. This site is at this time seat of a metal pollution. The detection of heavy metals will undoubtedly have adverse consequences on the ecological characteristics of the site.

Keywords:  Ouargla, Wetland, Chott of Ain El Beida, pollution, metals, heavy metals.

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Chaouch, N.; Birech, S.; Messaoudi, I. Detection of Toxic Heavy Metals in the Water of Chott Ain El Beida (bowl of 0uargla, South-East of Algeria). Materials and Biomaterials Science 2019, 2, 005-008.
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