Defluoridation of groundwater in the south east of Algeria by adsorption

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Noura Chaouch Abderrahim Khelfaoui


Because of its high reactivity, fluorine does not occur in the elemental state in nature but rather in the form of salts that are grouped under the generic term of Fluoride. Fluorine is one of the natural constituents present in the groundwater of the South-East of Algeria. However, these waters contain high levels of fluoride in excess of the standard recommended by WHO, which is in the range of 1.5 mg / l for water intended for human consumption. These high concentrations can lead to damaging physical effects, especially dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis, as well as hypersensitivity reactions and kidney disease. The treatment of these fluorinated waters is, therefore, indispensable, which has prompted us to develop this research in order to be able to propose an adsorbent able to normalize the quantity of fluoride in the groundwater of South-East Algeria, especially the waters destined to human consumption.

Keywords: Ouargla; El Oued; Biskra; Ghardaia; Groundwater; Fluorine; Adsorption.

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Chaouch, N.; Khelfaoui, A. Defluoridation of Groundwater in the South East of Algeria by Adsorption. Materials and Biomaterials Science 2019, 2, 014-017.
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