Effect of the combined efforts on stresses distribution in the dental prosthesis

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Djebbar Noureddine Ali Benouis Mohammed Elnedhir Belgherras Benali Boutabout


This study focused one the numerical analysis by the finite element method the distribution of the equivalent stresses and its level in the three elements of the dental prosthesis (abutment, implant and bone) subjected to combined efforts simulating the operation of the tooth. This distribution was made in the three zones (distal, median and proximal) of these components.

Keywords : Dentalimplant; Bone; Stresses; Interface; Combined effort; Finite element method.

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Noureddine, D.; Benouis, A.; Belgherras, M. E.; Boutabout, B. Effect of the Combined Efforts on Stresses Distribution in the Dental Prosthesis. Materials and Biomaterials Science 2019, 2, 018–023.
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