Theoretical analysis and experimental investigation of the physicochemical parameters of amperometric biosensor for phenols detection

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Amira Bensana Fethi Achi Abdallah Bouguettoucha Derradji Chebli


 In this work, the analytical performance of amperometric biosensors for the detection of phenolic compounds was analyzed. The effect of kinetic and physico-chemical parameters such as sensitivity, Michaelis-Menten constant, stability and limit of detection on the biosensor response was studied.  The validation of the experimental and theoretical response was carried using a mathematical model enables to simulate the amperometric response. The theoretical analysis could be used to optimize the parameters affecting the performance of biosensor.

Keywords: biosensor, mathematical model, performance, kinetic analysis.

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Bensana, A.; Achi, F.; Bouguettoucha, A.; Chebli, D. Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Investigation of the Physicochemical Parameters of Amperometric Biosensor for Phenols Detection. Materials and Biomaterials Science 2018, 1, 016-018.
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