Inhibition of calcium carbonate precipitation by citric acid

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Amina Karar Farid Naamoune


This study is based on the use of citric acid (CA) as inhibitor for the formation of scale on the stainless steel using drilling water (102ºF) in domestic pipes. This paper shows the evolution of the behaviour of CaCO3using chronoamperometry, impedancemetry and the fast controlled precipitation method. The study of citric acid electrochemically demonstrates a medium inhibition of calcite with a concentration of (70 ppm), while chemically, the inhibition reached 80 %. The XRD showed that the intensity of a preferential orientation (104) corresponding to crystallographic planes of calcite decreases and the intensity of this preferential orientation decrease when CA is added in drilling water.

Keywords: Citric acid, Inhibition, Calcium carbonate, Drilling water.

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Karar, A.; Naamoune, F. Inhibition of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation by Citric Acid. Materials and Biomaterials Science 2018, 1, 019-023.
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