Geochemical study of organic and mineral pollution of groundwater of the Terminal Complex (CT) in Ouargla bowl, Algeria.

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Mourad Chaouki Lassaad Ghrieb Nedjoua Hmidi Amina Hamza


The main objective of this study is a diagnosis of groundwater quality in the Ouargla region. The physicochemical quality analysis involved certain samples taken from boreholes of different aquifers exploited in the region, used for human consumption. We have presented a method for assessing and mapping vulnerability to groundwater pollution. For it, we have introduced a mineral pollution index (MPI). We carried out the sampling on-site and laboratory analysis of several boreholes of the bowl. In order to arrive at a database to solve these problems which characterize the bowl, using software called SURFER 12.

Keywords: pollution, MPI, bowl, Ouargla.

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Chaouki, M.; Ghrieb, L.; Hmidi, N.; Hamza, A. Geochemical Study of Organic and Mineral Pollution of Groundwater of the Terminal Complex (CT) in Ouargla Bowl, Algeria. Materials and Biomaterials Science 2018, 1, 024-028.
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