Water treatment processes applied at the deoiling stations at Hassi Messaoud (efficiency and professional risks)

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Noura Chaouch Mourad Chaouki


As part of the implementation of the policy of environmental protection, SONATRACH has set up a deoiling station in each producing center to ensure the recovery of hydrocarbons and the production of water reinjection on the basis of a conventional schema comprising three treatment techniques namely: coagulation, flocculation and decantation. In order to improve the efficiency of the established process, new coagulants have been prepared and tested to evaluate their effects on the schema of treatment. Knowing that a number of professional risks have been identified. Our research work also aims at improving working conditions through measures that the company must take into consideration to preserve the health of workers.

Keywords: Hassi Messaoud, deoiling station, coagulation, flocculation, decantation, professional risks.

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Chaouch, N.; Chaouki, M. Water Treatment Processes Applied at the Deoiling Stations at Hassi Messaoud (efficiency and Professional Risks). Materials and Biomaterials Science 2018, 1, 032-034.
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